Gal Gitterman

Customer Relations and Training Manager

I started to work for Memo Global in 2007 in the company’s training department. Today, I am a manager and responsible for all of the company’s professional courses and training of new and existing employees in regards to new products and services that the company integrates.  In the last couple of years, I have been fortunate enough to learn and mentor new sales representative.   While assisting new employees, I am also able to learn about international policies on immigration, international customers, marketing, sales, advertising, online presence and so much more.  And, not less important, I have improved my English tremendously. 🙂  Memo Global is a dynamic company that makes the work place fun and the work environment feel like home.

Pazit Ben Uzia

Deputy Director of the call center manger

I started working at Memo Global in May of 2006 as a sales representative in Netanya after a good friend recommended the company.  The dynamic work place, full of young people, the opportunities for promotion and the warm work environment all encouraged me to stay and climb the work ladder.  After a couple of years, I became a senior team leader whereupon I learned a lot of managerial skills.  In the last four years of management, I have been fortunate enough to see my sales representatives and colleagues expand their professional skills and enjoy coming to work wearing a smile.  It’s amazing to work for a company that has new challenges and new learning experiences every day, which I don’t think that you can get anywhere else!

Tatyana Shulgina

Marketing Manager

I’m relatively new in Israel. I came here in 2010.  Memo Global was my first place of work since I immigrated here, and I have grown in the company both on a professional and personal level.  I started as a sales representative where I learned about all of the products and services the company offers… A year later, I joined the Marketing Department as a media buyer and account representative.  Most recently, I became product manager – an amazing opportunity for me that is both exciting and challenging for my career.  I am currently working on developing a new product for the company to increase revenue. Memo Global is my second home.  I have met a number of people who have become some of my best friends and I have developed my profession skills more than I expected!

Harris Aronoff

Product Manager

I started working at MEMO Global in the summer of 2012, after working in the English call center I was the given responsibility for a few special projects. I have worked in almost every position and in every call center location MEMO Global has. Now I work as a Product Manager and ensure the future of the company.


I’ve been with Memo Global for 5 and a half years and can honestly say its the best job I’ve ever had.

Shiran Aharoni

H.R. Professional - Netanya

I joined Memo Global in April of 2012, after a number of management positions.  After I gave birth to my son, not many companies were willing to take me on in a “mother’s schedule” but Memo Global did!   I started as a sales representative and worked in that position for eight months, then, I was offered the opportunity to join the Human Resources department even though I did not have direct experience in that realm.  Today, I am a mother of two young children, and I am very happy that I can work outside of the home with comfortable work hours.  I am able to balance my personal life with my professional aspirations.  I enjoy every minute of my job and work and I highly recommend the company to new employees because it is a very warm work environment, like family, and the company invests in its employees.  The opportunity to get promoted is also very high in the company.