Some FAQs about what it's like and how it feels to work in Israel.

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Frequently asked questions

So, What does MEMO Global do?

MEMO Global is the world's leading immigration company today. We provide immigration services such as guiding through the immigration process, assessing, work visas and student visas. We help thousands of customers improve their lives and move to more desirable countries, every day of the year. You could say we're busy all day turning people's dreams into reality.

Do I need exprience as a salesperson to work at MEMO Global?

Not at all. The in-depth training you will go through will give you all the tools and techniques you need, so you have nothing to worry about.

Does working at MEMO Global can fit a student?

Sure thing, its exactly the work atmosphere in MEMO Global - Many of our employees are students like you. You'll be fitted with flexible shifts and we'll try as hard as we can during test periods.

Can a 'parent' work at MEMO Global?

Of course we have a parent job in the company - work times are only during morning shifts: until 3pm, no weekends.