We want to make it easier for you to understand what working in MEMO Global is like. Please have a look at some frequently asked questions from our applicants.

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What does MEMO Global do?

MEMO Global is the world’s leading immigration services company, assisting thousands of clients every year to start a new, better life in a foreign country

Does MEMO Global help Israelis immigrate?

MEMO Global does not sell immigration services within Israel and does not assist Israeli with immigration procedures.

I don’t have any experience in telemarketing. Is that a problem?

Definitely no. Previous experience is not mandatory. We train every telemarketer that joins our company in a course that teaches everything you need to know in order to market our immigration services. At the end of the course, our telemarketers start a 2 week internship in the call center, making sure they are completely ready and able to do the job.

I’m used to face-to-face sales. How different is that from telemarketing?

Telemarketing is different from face-to-face sales, although you can benefit from using the sales techniques your are familiar with. Either way, our telemarketers go through a course that teaches them all the sales techniques needed to be the best immigration services telemarketer.

I have good English skills, but I’m not used to working in English

If you speak fluent English, there is not reason you won’t be able to successfully go through full shifts. It’s just a matter of time and practice.

I’m a student. Can I combine working with studying?

Many of  MEMO Global’s employees are students. We work in shifts and offer positions suitable for students. In exam periods we try our best to give our student employees more free time to study.

I’m interested in a position suitable for parents. Do you have one?

Of course! We offer a parent position in MEMO Global, that includes only morning shifts that end at 15:00 PM, with no weekend shifts.

I don’t have any knowledge in the field of immigration. Is there a training for me?

Most of our telemarketers join the company with no previous knowledge. That’s why each new employee goes through a course that trains him to market our immigration services.

What are the promotion opportunities in MEMO Global?

We offer a lot of promotion opportunities. Please refer to the “Personal Stories” page to know more about them.